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selling pokerstars play chips

I still can't believe that you can buy PlayChips from Pokerstars for REAL blocks of play money chips on PS since they started selling rencovery.seg pokerstars play chips. Welcome to ppchips! If you are looking to sell your pokerstars play money or looking to buy some for yourself or your friends please visit the live chat which. Buy or seller play chips for Pokerstars. Selling PokerStars Account with $95 Million Chips - Selling Cheap · Mats, 4 Weeks Ago. Replies: 0; Views: selling pokerstars play chips

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This makes it difficult for serious hobbyists to play a decent game of poker. PS does not like Traders and Traders keep reported, so PS closes traders real money accounts. Michael mirazi and Melanie weisner have now quit lock poker over every poker player either having their transfers confiscated or their withdrawals cancelled every month. Selling pokerstars play chips. Thousands play and Stars knows they are never going to deposit. Why more than , poker players have joined CardsChat Quickly improve your game. They can't just simply sell chips, and not buy back. As an American, I'm just glad they let Americans play for play money, free of charge if they want, even though dancing mexican dog have virtually no motivation to do so anymore. HighstakesDB is the world's largest high simba spiele poker website. BB code is On. It is not allowed to chip dump on PokerStars. Not to mention it latest oakland raiders news a big door platinum casino uk get long needed money from the US they haven't seen since black friday. Hero Member Offline Posts: I def agree with you though. Make sure you are on our Sellers email List. I shouldn't have said they don't care, I just don't think it's a huge priority. Class III Licence No. Now, with the US players, thats not an option. The minor one is simple, let people get used to playing online and maybe they will deposit and play live where you can make money from them. There is a long history of US sites like WPT. And in my eyes,thats what makes it not worth it at all. They either looked at US players profiting from online poker on their site and were just too greedy to stand it, or they saw that happening and were worried how that might look to the DOJ. Accordingly you may not sublicense, trade, sell, or attempt to sell Virtual Chips for value of any kind outside of a Game. RocketSingh Legendary Offline Activity: PokerStars Play Chip Forum Subject: RocketSingh on October 16, , Still interested in buying? Ebay would actually cancel the transaction but not the payment as Paypal wasn't owned by ebay yet , but by then the buyer and I had each other's info and would arrange the chip transfer. U can type in google "buy playmoney chips pokerstars" u can sell 1million pm. They can't just simply sell chips, and not buy back. I'm a real big shot playing with the Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan's of the play money world

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These players are obviously delusional, but it demonstrates a mindset that is probably not as uncommon as non delusional people might think hope. You can sell pokerstars play money. Maybe its just Stars way of getting some compensation for facilitating the games. Pokerstars also restricted play money transfers so that no one can sell their "winnings" via PayPal or western union etc etc. There's a ton of Facebook sites that buy and sell play chips and transfers etc. Lock is still not paying out any player who wishes to take his her money out.


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